5 Tips For Applying Eyelash Extensions Like A Pro

5 Tips For Applying Eyelash Extensions Like A Pro

We absolutely get it: who doesn’t want longer eyelashes? Eyelash extension technology has developed over the years, and you don’t have to look back at the days of faulty applications. Save time and money by knowing how to put on your own extensions like a pro, and here are some easy tips to do it.

     1.Prep your skin.

The cleaner your eyelids are, the easier it will be to apply the extensions. Make-up will cloud your skin and make the application more challenging. Lessen the oiliness of your skin by applying a soft, oil control toner.

     2.Have your supplies ready.

Preparing is half the battle, and make sure you have the right tools for a stress-free, easy eyelash extension application. Aside from your extension of choice, you will need the following:

  • Adhesive/ primer
  • Lash tweezers (Isolating tweezers, lashing tweezers)
  • Eylash extension tape
  • Lash brushes
  • Eye pads
  • Mirror

     3.Measure and trim.

Once you’ve gotten a hold of your extensions, take them out and hold them against your eyelids. Cut the extensions according to the length of your eyelid and you’ll get the perfect length and volume.

Bonus pro tip: Apply glue in strategic places and let it dry for 30 seconds before you press them onto your eyelids.

     4.Look downwards into a mirror.

One of the most common mistakes that women do when applying extensions is looking straight into a mirror. You will see where you need to put the extension if your place a mirror under your face to an angle; your eyelids will extend and you’ll see the spaces you need to fill.

Bonus pro tip: Cover the eyelash extension bands with liquid or gel eyeliner to complement your new look.

     5.Know when to stop!

Unfortunately, there is such a thing as “too many lashes.” Stick your extensions only 2mm from the base of your natural lash. Swerve the tips where you want them to stay, so you can shape and style your new lashes how you want them to.

Once you’re all set with your gorgeous extensions, it’s time adore your new gorgeous doe-eyed look.