Lash lift kit and its advantages VS lash extensions

Lash lift kit and its advantages VS lash extensions


Do you often use lash extensions to beautify your eyelashes? I’ve tried using eyelash extensions on special occasions and it was an unpleasant experience to carry 2-3 fake lashes and removing them proved to be a hassle. Good thing there's another alternative more advantageous than extensions - lash lift kit. 

Lash Lift Kit is convenient to use.  

Constant use of lash extensions can make your natural lashes brittle. The process of applying fake lash extensions is time consuming if you do this daily. With lash lift, you only need to do it once and it will stay for a month. 

Lash Lift Kit is easy to apply.

Minimal preparation is needed for lash lifts, cleansed natural eyelashes and separated top and bottom lashes using gentle adhesives and pads. Instructions are also easy to follow in the kit and will guide you each step as you apply the suitable solution to keep your fake eyelashes clean and intact. The whole application will only take an hour or less. 

Lash Lift Kit offers long-lasting results.

Don't worry if you forgot to remove your extensions each night because lash lifts work like a perm and will last up to four weeks. Your natural eyelashes are protected from the constant pull of removing lash extensions for a month! Simply apply a mascara to your lash lifts and you’re on the roll. 

Lash Lift Kit is Cost-Efficient.

A professional lash lift lasts longer than lash extensions. It's definitely worth the buck. A starter lash lift kit can even cost less than a session and you can do it at home. 

As you go along your journey with giving your eyelashes the perm you’ve always wanted, you always have the option and lash lift kits should definitely be in your list. Consult a professional or try a starter lash lift kit at VASSOUL to experience the advantages of lash lifts.