I am satisfied with my purchase

I was very excited to get this mask. I have seen black masks all over Facebook and YouTube and wanted to try them for myself.  
The packaging on this product is professional and the product is well sealed.
On application, the product is very cooling to the skin and is very mild smelling. 
A few tips:
Apply a thick even layer to problem areas!
As with all pore strips or masks, I use a blow dryer to help it dry as well as open the pores and maximize results.
Do not remove until completely dry. It's a pain to remove from fingers and face when wet. If it's slightly tacky at all, it's not dry.
Gently peel away starting in one corner.
Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase. I have sensitive skin and did not have any redness or a reaction from this product. It did the job it should.

By TheYibales

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