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Our Story

We have a pretty simply hope: every girl can enjoy healthy skin and charming eyes.

Vassoul is a beauty company founded in 2017 in California. Skincare and Eyelash Beauty are our passions. Like the brand name says, we believe the healthy skin and charming eyes are the beautiful vessels to contain and show our graceful souls. We are always working on healthy and effective products and confidently we can say, Vassoul indeed works.

Nature has powerful healing magic. After countless professional cruelty-free experiments, we found materials from nature that really protect and heal our skins, as well as enhance lashes. We use Aloe Vera, which is gotten from the leaf of aloe vera plant and is full of hydrating properties; Hyaluronic Acid, which is effective on smoothing and plumping skin; Coconut Oil, which is known to help soften skin; and Vitamin C&E and so on. We promise that our products have No parabens, No phthalates, No fragrance. No need for cosmetic surgery, only with highly safe ingredients and our effective formula, Vassoul will give you the best results.

Beauty is not born but should be earned. So many times when looking at the mirror, we are frustrated by the blackhead, acne scar, sun-damaged skin and other imperfections that seem cannot be recovered. It’s not the time to regret not taking care of my skin well, but the right time to move on. With Vassoul, we can “earn” the beauty back again.

Join and try Vassoul, enjoy your beauty and shine your prideworthy souls every day.