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Dual Magnetic Eyelashes-0.2mm Ultra Thin Magnet-Lightweight & Easy to Wear-Best 3D

Dual Magnetic Eyelashes-0.2mm Ultra Thin Magnet-Lightweight & Easy to Wear-Best 3D

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How to use Preparation work: 
For best results, first, curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. Depending on the look you 
are aiming for, put on a coat or two of mascara (or more for added definition).

Applying with Applicator:
1.Take one lash and attach it to one end of the tool.
Take the other lash and attach it to the opposite of the tool.
2.Please make sure the lashes are facing downward towards the inside of the tool, so you can 
clip them around the shape of your eyes.
3. Please make sure both sides of magnets are facing inwards towards each other, and the 
lashes are curved in the same direction.
4.Once they are attached to the tool, place the rounded curve of the tool around the natural 
curve of your eye and lash line, and simply clip down until the magnets adhere to each other.
5.Gently pull the tool away from your eye, being careful not to strip the lashes from the lash line.

Applying By Hand:
1. Hold one piece of magnetic false eyelash over your natural eyelash. 
2.Position the lash on top of your natural lashes, so that the outer edge is in line with the edge 
of your natural lash line.
3. Leave the top lash where it is and pick up the bottom lash. 
4. Place the bottom lash under your natural lashes, so that it meets and connects with the top lash magnet. 
5.Store them properly after using, then you can use them again next time.

How to removing your Lashes:
Use your thumb and indes finger to slide magnetic strips apart.

If you want to see more clearly how to use it, please search 'Magnetic Eyelash' 
on Youtube and see relevant video. You will find it’s easy to wear or take off. 

Customer Service 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE - Our product has very good quality, you 
can get lightweight, comfortable and natural-looking magnetic false eyelashes that you 
can easily have a charming eyelashes. 

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