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Ear Wax Removal kit, Safe and Soft, with 16 pcs Washable Tips

Ear Wax Removal kit, Safe and Soft, with 16 pcs Washable Tips

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Why do you need a silicone Spiral?

The stainless steel ear pick or other objects can push deeper into your ear canal, will potentially injure your eardrum by feeling nothing.
Our earwax spiral pick constructed of soft silicone head, pain-free from annoying ear pick. 
And the soft, spiraled, and grooved head on the Earwax Swab captures the wax with a small upgraded twist based on the shorter version.
What you choose is not only a tool but a healthier lifestyle for your family and you will like it.

Package List:

1 x Smart Handle
16 x Replacement Silicone Head
1 x User Manual

Health Tips:

1. Fingernails are not suitable to clean your ear due to bacteria are easily hidden there.
2. To avoid injury, do not use while moving.
3. Store handle and the heads in the protective case when not in use.
4, Don't force tips too far into the ear canal and don't use it while moving
5, Compare the detail sizes with yours, please allow slight difference due to manual measurement.


Material: ABS + TPE
Color: Blue
Approximate length of tips: 0.8"
Approximate length of handle: 4.0"