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Premium activated natural charcoal face masks strips, deep facial purifying cleansing blackhead remover peel off mask with improved formula, focus on cheeks, nose n T-zone skin treatment (50ml, single pack)

Premium activated natural charcoal face masks strips, deep facial purifying cleansing blackhead remover peel off mask with improved formula, focus on cheeks, nose n T-zone skin treatment (50ml, single pack)

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Before applying this Vassoul Blackhead Mask, it is suggested to have a headband. This is recommended especially for female customers. Headbands are usually made of elastic materials and their role is to hold the hair away from the face. If you have read the package description you will know that you must avoid hairy and sensitive areas (eyes, eyebrows n lips) while using the Black Mask.

Another significant step is opening the pores. When pores are open you allow the mask ingredients to penetrate into the skin and act adhering to the surface. Steaming your face is the best option for achieving maximum results. Found out everything about face steaming at your home.

If you are not a fan of a hot steam method, there is another alternative. Just soak a clean and soft towel in warm water and hold it on your face for several minutes.

Open the tube and squeeze a small amount onto your fingertips. Gently apply an even and thick layer of the Black Mask on the desired area. The thicker the layer the easier to remove. Also, working on sections is the best method to apply. Wait at least 20 minutes and made your first: peel-off test.

The peel-off test: Touch your skin/face so you can feel if the mask is completely dry. As long as the mask looks like shiny and elastic latex and nothing shows up on your fingers it means it is ready to be removed. You can stretch up the face to help loosen up and lift the mask, then start peeling. Slowly peel the mask from the outer edge to center.

The final step is applying a moisturizer. This way you will tighten the pores and prolong the luminosity. If you still have not selected your favorite moisturizer toner, check out the Vassoul Aloe Vera Gel, which is specially designed for this purpose:



FAST, EFFECTIVE n ALL-IN-1 FACIAL MASK - Powerful facial mask helps to draw out excess oil and pore-congesting debris just like a magnet, they can be all rinsed away, leaving your pores less congested and visibly minimized resulting in a fresh, vibrant-looking complexion.

ACHIEVE A RADIANT COMPLEXION IN JUST 20 MINUTES - Ideal for your nose, cheeks, chin, neck and T-zone, this face mask removes toxins from your skin for a refreshed, hydrated and radiant complexion. It is one of the favorite face masks for women and men.

SKIN PURIFYING n PORES TIGHTEN - Improved new formula with no nasty ingredients and cruelty-free of peel off mask has unique strong absorption and deep cleaning function. It can remove the stubborn stain and oil spots.

SUITABLE for ALL SKIN TYPES - This black facial mask is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. It dries and tightens up quickly and effortlessly rinses off. If your skin has an allergy history, we suggest that have a test on your hand before using.

EASY TO USE - steaming or cover the desired area by a comfortable hot towel for pores opening, apply the mask with a reasonable thickness, wait 15-20 mins until its completely dry. Peel it off from the direction of the bottom to top. You can check on the mask with a lot of blackheads.

1. The Blackhead Mud Mask is only used for blackheads, exfoliate and clean the skin. 
2. No effective against acne, do not use it on your acne or inflamed areas directly. 
3. Do not stay a too long time in the same area, move the tool slowly in the same direction. 
4. Please ensure that your skin is not allergic to blackhead mask.
5. If you face any uncomfortable in the process, stop using it immediately.  

Gender: Unisex
Net weight: 50 gram
Shelf life: 3 years

Applicable people:
Nose large pores blackheads, Facial skin aging, fine lines and blemishes, Oily skin strawberry nose.

Absorbent pores of blackheads and stubborn dirt, shrink pores, regulate oil secretion.

Package Included:
1 X Blackhead Remover Face Mask

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