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Vassoul Eyelash Growth Serum for Lash and Brow Irritation Free Formula

Vassoul Eyelash Growth Serum for Lash and Brow Irritation Free Formula

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  • BOOST GROWTH OF EYELASHES: Apply eyelash growth serum on roots of your eyelashes, it will moisten and nourish them to the utmost. The key component Vitamin E rebuilds hair cells to form tissues, thus pacing up the speed of eyelash growing
  • PURE NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our eyelash growth serum is extracted from natural herbs. All the 100% natural and mild ingredients are applicable to most skin types, producing no harmful chemicals. In less than 8 weeks, evidently enlarge your eyes!
  • DENSER EYEBROWS: Hair follicle tissue stays at the end of blood circulation and always lacks nutrition. Lantique eyelash serum provides nutrition for hair follicles, giving them power to grow thicker and longer. No envy of natural thick eyebrows of others any more
  • EASY TO USE: After you cleanse your face every morning or night, dip a small amount of eyelash serum and apply it to the upper and lower eyelids. As for girls who always wear make-ups, apply and absorb this eyelash enhancer before put on your face. Get a better effect by applying it before bedtime.
  • SAFE TO USE. Our lavish lash growth serum formula is non-irritating, gentle and safe for all skin types.




VASSOUL Eyelash Growth Serum formulated with vitamins, plant extracts, and advanced polypeptides to increase the length, thickness, and volume of your lashes. Made with 100% safe&natural ingredients that have been used for many years in beauty products and for the growth of longer & fuller eyelashes and eyebrows. Beautiful, longer & thicker lashes and brows will start to show 2-3 weeks from using Vassoul eyelash enhancer, but keep on using the eyelash enhancing serum for a minimum of at least 60 days to make sure the best result, as the eyelashes are the slowest growing hair on the human body.
Contains 5mL lash serum.
100% Safe&Gentle formula is comfortable for contact lens wearers
See growth obviously, discover the Beauty of Your Natural Eyelashes in 60 Days
Easy to apply, goes on just like eyeliner, makes eyelashes longer, thicker, fuller
Helps with the growth and overall health of eyelashes and brows
How to Apply:
1. The serum is best applied on a clean face, remove contact lenses and makeup.
2. Dip the brush into the serum just enough to pick a drop. Flip the brush upside down for a second for the drop to soak into the brush and not to stay on its tip.
3. Morning and evening after cleansing. Apply along the upper eyelid at the base of all eyelashes. Always blot the extra serum not to get into the eyes. 
4. Allow at least 60 days for good results. Can be applied twice a day for better results.
5.Can be used for eyebrows growth. Apply to the base of the eyebrows daily, for thicker and longer eyebrows. Apply to the base of the eyebrows daily, for thicker and longer eyebrows.

For external use only. Avoid direct contact with the eye. If irritation occurs, rinse with cool water and discontinue use. Consult with your physician if you are pregnant or nursing, being treated for any eye-related disorder, or actively undergoing cancer treatment. Keep out of reach of children.