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  • Milk extract, Aloe extract,Lavender extract, natural ingredients, completely safe and helps improving smoother feet.
  • The most favorite foot mask for aged Calluses and Dead Skin. Easy to use: an simple four-step process: soak, open, apply, then wash away. No pain at all , just tender smooth feet.
  • Fun to peel. Happy to enjoy the soft and attractive feet. Share with family and friends as a great gift.
  • Manufacturer's Guarantee - 100% money back guarantee without questions asked, and no returns necessary.

Cautions before use 
1.For external use only!
2.Do not use this product, if you are pregnant or nursing!
3.Do not use on sun burnt or scratched skin otherwise it was painful!
4. Do not use on hyper-sensitive skin!Discontinue use if any irritation occurs!

How to use 
※Soak 10 minutes then dry before use;take out the foot film, and then cut the seal.
※2 Gently wear foot film , massage outside film so that the product essence into foot skin.
※3.Paste the ankle sticker seal, leave socks on for 40-60 minutes, rinse with water.
※4.48 hours later, began soak feet with warm feet, once a day for 20 minutes .

After use 

※Do not forcibly remove the dead skin,let skin peel naturally.
※Dead skin was peeled off,new smooth will born,so a little dry is normal.

Peel hard calluses:

The product incorporates milk extract with a variety of plant extracts
It is mild without stimulation. Moisturizing the foot skin
so that the foot horny restore soft silky
soften the rough stratum corneum,accelerate the aging dull skin off/b>
improve the skin dry, so easy to bid farewell to the rough,give you tender feet.


* water, glycerol, milk fermented extract, D-glucito, aloe extract, lactic acid, Papain.